1) Download the Building Permit Application Here

2) Obtain a survey of the property in question.  If a survey has been done on your property, it may be at the County Courthouse.

3) Measure out the full extent of your new or remodeled structure.  Mark your construction plan on a photocopy of your survey with all measurements.

4) Bring your photocopied survey, application, and $25 application fee to City Hall.

5) The Code Enforcement Officer and/or City Administrator may need to go to the property in question to ensure all setback requirements are met.  If this is the case, an appointment will be arranged at the time of application submittal.

Please call City Hall at (325) 853-2691 if you have any questions as to whether your plans need to be approved by permit.

Failure to receive approval through the permit process may result in a shut off of services and/or fine issued by the City Council.