1)  Obtain a copy of your survey of the property in question

2)  Mark the measurements of the building/construction on the survey with proper setbacks

3) Download the Zoning Variance Hearing Application Here

4) Bring the filled out application to City Hall with the non-refundable $50 variance fee

5) The Code Enforcement Officer and/or City Administrator may need to inspect the property to ensure that all proper setbacks are maintained.  An appointment will be scheduled at the time of application submittal

6) A hearing with the City Council will be scheduled at the time of application submittal.  

7) Attendance at the City Council meeting is highly desired by the Council.  Please provide:

  • Pictures of the structure to be placed on the property
  • Pictures and schematics of the construction site
  • A written description of the purpose of the variance being requested, signed by the property owner and person requesting the variance